About us

Long-time friends, Mike and Sean, experienced personal pain relief using Hemp products. Those experienced opened their eyes to the possibilities of Hemp. Only 5 percent of the population even knows what Hemp is. We want to educate the masses and get this incredible compound into the hands of those that need it.


They started Kurapet with the purpose of bringing a higher quality Hemp product to the market offering easier ways to administer it to our pets and being more accurate measurements with each application.

Our goal is to continually strive to offer an exceptional and superior product line. That goal starts by sourcing the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade human products on the market. We then custom formulated a dedicated pet line with a nanotechnology delivery system which allows for 100 percent absorption into the body. 

Working alongside veterinarians, we found that the biggest concern came not in the compound itself but actually in the means that it was being administered by loving owners. There were too many unknowns - The quality and quantity of Hemp Isolate in each bottle along with inconsistent doses per application were the most repeated concerns within the industry. 

Here at Kurapet, we designed a product line to fill that void.  We offer several different means of administering our products to your pets. From ingestible products to topical solutions, we have a product that is just right for you.   Our plan at Kurapet is to raise the standard of excellence as we strive to be leaders within the industry in both education and product quality. 

We look forward to helping you find a product for the health and well-being of the pet you love.

Mike and Sean